You Have Died of Dysentery

Encountering non-religious pilgrims along the Oregon Trail. “You have died of dysentery.” Those ominous words, one might recall, were the worst words any eight-year-old could read on the screen while playing The Oregon Trail—that folkloric, now ancient video game...

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Internship Opportunity: Join Our Team

  Are you interested in exploring the connections between faith and culture? The Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture has received a generous grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust which enables us to offer an exciting variety of paid internship...

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Damned to Unrelenting Goodness

Moral atheists remind us that Christians don’t have a monopoly on good deeds—and that’s okay.   Portlanders generally see themselves as good people. And I would not disagree. Portlanders go out of their way to do all the good they can. Recently I was driving down...

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Creation, Cascadia, and Privilege

Finishing the Portland Marathon is exhilarating. That, and excruciating. The marathon’s first miles wind through downtown. Its route also carries runners out into industrial districts, along a stretch of Highway 30, and through some of the beautiful tree-lined streets...

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A Pastoral Case for Bike Lanes

Traffic. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and even my hometown of Tacoma are all struggling with it. The urban centers of Cascadia are growing at an exponential rate as thousands more move in each and every year. As traffic worsens, debates between drivers and cyclists...

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All Nature Sings: Meeting Our Creator in the Cascades

“I didn’t know we were going to do all of this. They said a hike, I didn’t really read the thing…I want to go home.” Only a few miles into day one of a six day Mt. Baker Ascent adventure for a group of teens from the Tacoma Rescue Mission, one participant had reached...

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