You Have Died of Dysentery

Encountering non-religious pilgrims along the Oregon Trail. “You have died of dysentery.” Those ominous words, one might recall, were the worst words any eight-year-old could read on the screen while playing The Oregon Trail—that folkloric, now ancient video game...

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Blue Collar Prophets

How my rural community’s fight for fair wages has deepened my calling as a pastor.   Unless fog has rolled into the lower Columbia basin, you can usually see the great funnels of smoke rising from the industrial plants that power Longview, Washington. In fact,...

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Reflecting Beauty in the Emerald City

A letter to a young pastor about ministry in Seattle.   Editor’s Note: We’ve asked five seasoned Seattle pastors to write a letter to a young pastor in the city on what they’ve learned over the course of their ministry. This first piece comes from Richard...

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Serve for Goodness Sake

What clearing blackberry brambles on MLK Day taught me about my neighbors—and myself.   I’m convinced blackberry thickets are a result of the Fall. Don’t get me wrong. The sweet fruit they yield is a product of God’s good creation (as is anything that can be...

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Introducing Our New Senior Editor

We’re happy to announce that Drew Dyck has joined our team as senior editor! Most recently Drew served as managing editor of Leadership Journal, Christianity Today’s publication for church leaders. He’s also written a couple books: Generation Ex-Christian and Yawning...

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Housing and the Peace of the City

Vancouver is routinely named one of the best cities in which to live. Yet, optimism is quickly shattered by the cost of actually living in Vancouver. Where one headline reads, “Best city to live” another quips, “Most unaffordable city.” The reality is that the cost of...

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