Evangelical Ecotheology: Book Review (Part 1)

When you hear the words “Evangelical” and “climate change” in the same sentence, you might think of a theological perspective like that encapsulated in this quote by Seattle former pastor Mark Driscoll: “I know who made the environment and he’s coming back and going...

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A Pastoral Case for Bike Lanes

Traffic. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and even my hometown of Tacoma are all struggling with it. The urban centers of Cascadia are growing at an exponential rate as thousands more move in each and every year. As traffic worsens, debates between drivers and cyclists...

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All Nature Sings: Meeting Our Creator in the Cascades

“I didn’t know we were going to do all of this. They said a hike, I didn’t really read the thing…I want to go home.” Only a few miles into day one of a six day Mt. Baker Ascent adventure for a group of teens from the Tacoma Rescue Mission, one participant had reached...

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Sister Willamette: Co-Lamenting with My River

"But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" Amos 5:24 The Willamette River flows by my hometown. She flows by, but we’re like strangers. We’re more like acquaintances, like a friend of the family I might wave at and...

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Finding Wholeness in Coffee

When a Seattle friend of mine encountered a rainy day in Georgia, a soggy and bored local asked her, what in the world d’y’all do for nine months out of the year back in Seattle? The answer was simple: drink coffee. What else? Seattle’s coffee...

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