Author: Richard Dahlstrom

Reflecting Beauty in the Emerald City

A letter to a young pastor about ministry in Seattle.   Editor’s Note: We’ve asked five seasoned Seattle pastors to write a letter to a young pastor in the city on what they’ve learned over the course of their ministry. This first piece comes from Richard Dahlstrom, pastor of Bethany Community Church.  I still remember the first time I set eyes on Seattle. It was the fall of 1976. I’d recently changed my major from Architecture to Music, and that meant changing colleges, thus the move to Seattle. A lifelong Californian, I’d never been north of Sacramento life until...

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An Eco-Manifesto for Evangelicals in Cascadia

  We who live in Cascadia are graced with some of the most spectacular geography in the world. There are few places where one can ski in the morning, run a forest trail in Cascade foothills in the afternoon, and finish the day sailing on Shilshole Bay as the sun drops beneath the Olympic mountains. In our hyper mobile society, people move cross-country, largely for reasons limited to variations on themes around vocation or family. The Pacific Northwest, though, is different. I lead a church in the heart of Seattle filled with people who have chosen to live here for...

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