Author: Paul Louis Metzger

Love Your Buddhist Neighbor as Yourself

We’re not called to merely tolerate the religious minorities in our midst. “Coexist” bumper stickers abound in Portland, where I work. Like car bumpers that provide cushion from crashes, these stickers signify a desire to cushion people from religious intolerance. We place a high premium on tolerance in places like Portland, though tolerance often masks indifference. We don’t seem to have many religion-related confrontations in our region, though tensions over religion do erupt on occasion. (A Buddhist monk was mistaken for a Muslim and attacked in Hood River.) The Bible tells us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Its...

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Life Together in the Land of Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Donald Miller and the Northwest Church

The Pacific Northwest is known in many circles as the land of Lewis and Clark. These two men were rugged trailblazers, progenitors of rugged individuals, and risk-taking entrepreneurs. Their spirit is in the air and  the variety of scents and tastes in cafes, bistros, tearooms, and micro-brew pubs. We even find their entrepreneurial spirit alive in our churches. Moreover, the same individual and entrepreneurial creativity that leads to scores of church plants in our cities and towns throughout the region also surfaces in those who leave churches for other forms of community or individual explorations in faith. The challenge...

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