Author: Lauren Pattie

Can Seminary Survive Online?

Online Education is Convenient, but Will It Destroy the Seminary Experience? Here at Fuller Northwest, we’re grieving. Just last year the decision was made to close some of Fuller Theological Seminary’s regional campuses, including ours. While we still have another year before the doors officially shut, this decision has led to many questions about the future, as well as reflections on our past. Fuller Northwest has been around since 1973. That’s a long time! In fact, the Northwest campus was the very first, pioneering Fuller’s regional campus concept. While at first many were skeptical of the idea, the Seattle-based...

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What Sports Taught Me About God’s Grace

Ultimate frisbee has something to teach us about the spirit of God. Everyone’s got a favorite Seattle sports team, right? Yours might be the Sounders or the Seahawks. Mine is Seattle Mixtape. Never heard of them? I can’t say I’m surprised. They play a sport that, while growing, still comes in under the radar—Ultimate (frisbee). It’s not just a backyard barbecue game or a hippie pastime anymore. Ultimate is a professional sport—and it’s huge in Seattle. Seattle’s professional teams appeared in the MLU (Major League Ultimate) finals in 2015 and AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League) finals in 2016. And...

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