Author: Julia Stronks

Salt, Light, and Olympia: The Alternative Christian Politics of Representative Parker

In her story Northwest Abolitionists, Lucy Austen outlined the work that the advocacy organization Shared Hope is doing to combat sex trafficking in the Pacific Northwest.  Non-profits like Shared Hope, which are organized to protect victims, support survivors, and educate lawmakers, have made real change in our communities.  But, as Austen points out, if we are to turn this problem around it will take the joint effort of a variety of institutions that make up civil society. Washington State Representative Kevin Parker, Spokane, is leading the way in demonstrating the role that government can play in this fight as it partners with...

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Racial Justice in Washington State

Over the past few years, we’ve seen national outcries in response to high-profile instances of racial injustice. Across the country Christian leaders have joined in public protests over police brutality and what they’ve seen as unjust verdicts. They’ve held vigils and led prayer services. These acts were important. As Christians we are called by scripture to mourn with those who suffer, in a fallen but redeemed world. However, that cannot be the end of our response to incidents of racial injustice. It should be the beginning. It is important for Christians to both understand and work to change the structural injustices that might lead to unjust verdicts. Right here in...

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