Author: John Stackhouse

Postmodern, Consumerist, Fleshly, and Fun: Why It’s So Hard to Commend Christianity in Cascadia

Why do people change their minds? In the classic work by Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Kuhn suggests that one does not change one’s mind until one has a good reason to do so. That apparently banal observation is nonetheless critical to the consideration of why Christianity is so hard to commend to Cascadians. One does not change one’s view of something until that view proves to be inadequate, proves no longer to work in a way that is adequate to the challenge it is supposed to meet. No, we don’t change our minds until we simply...

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Cool in Cascadia

Seattle has its megachurches and Portland has its cool. So are Cascadian megachurches cool? After fifteen years of living in Vancouver, but also visiting Seattle and Portland pretty regularly as well as various points in between, I’m not so sure. I have witnessed the rise—and, usually, fall—of a startling number of church plants. In fact, I’m coming to think that Vancouver in particular is a kind of treacherous reef on which the ambitions of numerous church planters have been wrecked. Yet even to some of the apparent success stories there is a shadow side. I speak of the churches...

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