Author: Eric Jacobsen

A Pastoral Case for Bike Lanes

Traffic. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and even my hometown of Tacoma are all struggling with it. The urban centers of Cascadia are growing at an exponential rate as thousands more move in each and every year. As traffic worsens, debates between drivers and cyclists quickly become enflamed. Is the solution more lanes for cars or bikes? In local media the “bike vs. car” debate is generally viewed through economic, political, or environmental lenses. I want to propose something that may, at first, seem rather odd. I want to propose that Christians view these driving vs. cycling debates through an alternative...

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Is this Jesus Local? A Theology for Portlandia

  In the pilot for the television show Portlandia, lead characters Peter and Nance grill the waitress at a hip restaurant in Portland to find out if the chicken on the menu is truly local. This interrogation quickly takes on absurd proportions as they press for information about whether the hazelnuts the chickens eat are also local and how many square feet of space the chickens have. Hoping to bring some closure to this conversation, the waitress brings out a case file on the aforementioned chicken (named Colin) including a picture and extensive detail on his activities and treatment....

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