Author: David Leong

Seattle Housing Needs Some Good News

Seattle’s housing market is bloated, but the gospel has something to say about it. I still remember the first conversation I had about buying a home in Seattle. It was 2004, I was fresh out of seminary with looming student loans and only a modest part-time salary from a local church. A friend of mine, who had recently become a part-time mortgage lender, assured me that I could buy a home in spite of these constraints. “Are you sure?” I inquired. “Don’t you need a large down payment, and a sizable salary to purchase real estate?” “Don’t worry about...

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Do Black Lives Matter in Seattle?

We shouldn’t ignore calls for racial justice, even when we don’t like the way they sound.   At a now infamous Bernie Sanders rally in August of 2015, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement collided with Seattle progressives in dramatic fashion. Labor activists and other Sanders supporters had gathered in downtown Seattle, and right before Bernie was about to take the stage for his speech, a small group of BLM activists rushed the platform. At the center of this interruption was a young woman whose interesting story continues to polarize observers on the left and right. Marissa Johnson, who...

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