Author: Christopher James

Exploring “Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil”

Most have heard that the church in Seattle is dying, but is that the whole story? Dr. Christopher James answers questions about his new book, Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil, and also shares his hope for the church in Seattle and beyond. What initially inspired you to write this book? Having grown up in Seattle, I knew there was a different story to tell about that place than the decline narrative, which dominates national headlines about religion. As one of the most post-Christian cities in the nation—and also one of the most progressive, urban, and technological—I had a hunch...

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Ecclesial Pioneers in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most fertile seedbeds for religious innovation and creativity in North America. To be sure, the separation of church and state has historically made North America as a whole an exceptionally open religious environment. That said, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) seems to exceed all other regions in its receptivity to religious experimentation. What makes the PNW so uniquely “open” to creative new expressions of religion and spirituality? There are many contributing factors but one of the most important has to be the utter lack of a single religious majority. The largest religious institution...

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