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New Churches in the None Zone

What do church plants in one of the most post-Christian cities in the nation have to teach us? While national headlines herald the decline of Christianity in the United States, scarcely heard are stories from the thousands of new churches and new forms of church that are springing up each year across the country.  Dr. James‘ research among 105 new churches in Seattle tells a different, more hopeful story, replete with vibrant and diverse models of church. Come learn about these models and the five threads of missional wisdom that emerged from the field as a whole. Join us...

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Internship Opportunity: Join Our Team

  Are you interested in exploring the connections between faith and culture? The Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture has received a generous grant from the Murdock Charitable Trust which enables us to offer an exciting variety of paid internship opportunities beginning in September 2016. Read more about these full and part-time opportunities below: Worship & Arts Faith & Work Faith & Cascadian Culture Hospitality & Event Coordination Social Media & Marketing Worship and Arts Internship: Cascadia Worship & Arts focuses on equipping the church to explore the transformative power of worship, theology, and the arts.  This initiative...

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Seattle, Race, and the Church: A Rare Conversation

Tali Hairston lives in Seattle and serves as the director of the Perkins Center for Reconciliation at Seattle Pacific University. Our editor-in-chief Dr. Matthew Kaemingk sat down with him to discuss the issue of race, justice, and Christianity in Seattle. Kaemingk: Thank you very much for joining us for this conversation, Tali. To start us off, how would you describe the African American experience in a “progressive” city like Seattle? And, furthermore, how might it compare to life in cities like Atlanta, St. Louis, or Chicago? Hairston: Thank you very much for having me. While I would love to...

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Introducing Our New Senior Editor

We’re happy to announce that Drew Dyck has joined our team as senior editor! Most recently Drew served as managing editor of Leadership Journal, Christianity Today’s publication for church leaders. He’s also written a couple books: Generation Ex-Christian and Yawning at Tigers (which has nothing to do with tigers). His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including, The Huffington Post, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, and Relevant magazine. Drew is a Fuller grad (M.A. in Theology) and loves the Pacific Northwest. He lived downtown Portland during his early twenties, relishing a time of sporadic employment, hanging out at...

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