cascadia green mapUnchurched. Secular. Pagan. Godless. Those are a few of the words you’re apt to hear any time the topic of Christianity in Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia) comes up. Many have labeled the region a lost cause, a bastion of non-Christian, values.

We respectfully disagree.

Where some see challenges we see opportunities. We also see churches, ministries, and individual Christians living and communicating the gospel in fresh, authentic ways. The residents of Cascadia are deeply spiritual and we believe God is still active in this beautiful area.

We want to be part of it. Our role: to make sure the innovative expressions of Christian faith in Cascadia don’t stay a secret. We’re an online journal committed to facilitating thoughtful conversations between Christian thinkers, artists, and ministers on what it means to follow Jesus in this place. The conversations we host are contextually aware, theologically rich, and culturally creative.

Christ & Cascadia is a collective of Christian leaders founded by the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture. The mission of the institute is to equip the church, to engage the culture, marketplace, and arts of the Pacific Northwest.

We may disagree on certain theological and political points, but we hold to one common conviction: that Christians who live in Cascadia are obligated to pray and work for its spiritual and cultural flourishing, its shalom. Cascadian Christians are called to settle here and invest in this place.

To pursue this objective Christ & Cascadia seeks to publish the work of thoughtful Christian leaders in the arts, academy, marketplace, church, and public square. Broadly speaking, there are two types of articles you will find here: articles of Christian reflection and articles of Christian action.

Reflection: These articles reflect thoughtfully on a particular aspect of life in Cascadia. These articles examine specific cultural trends, artifacts, or issues that have a prominent place in the life of Cascadia. We welcome reflections on Cascadian cities, politics, arts, technology, literature, religion, the environment, economics, technology, and more.

Action: Cascadia is filled with creative Christian artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and pastors who are deeply committed to the restoration and flourishing of the region. These pieces highlight and explore the imaginative and redemptive work of Christian individuals and organizations that call Cascadia home.

We publish diverse voices on wide-ranging topics related to live in the Pacific Northwest. If you live in this region and have a passion for our mission, please consider contributing an article.

Together we hope that these articles will help us fulfill our mission to better know and love the region to which we have been called. We invite you to join us!