Spring Workshop Series

LetterPress Liturgy

March 24, 2018

Beautiful Angle is a guerrilla arts poster project in Tacoma, Washington. Approximately once per month, graphic designer Lance Kagey and writer Tom Llewellyn create hand-crafted, letterpress posters and then distribute them around the city’s downtown core via wheat paste and staples. This process has become rhythmic and spiritual for the artists – and has shaped the character of a city.

In the summer of 1999, graphic designer Lance was introduced to the art of letterpress printing through a visit to a British Columbia studio and through a program at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts. Kagey purchased a circa-1950’s Challenge proof press through eBay for $50. After paying more than 12 times that amount in shipping and after months of self-education and experimentation, Kagey and copywriter and author Tom Llewellyn began producing posters.

The first poster, Swirl, was distributed on October 31, 2002, the anniversary of the posting of The Ninety-Five Theses by Martin Luther.  A typical press run is 100 posters, of which 80 are posted around the downtown area of Tacoma, and the remainder are sold. Beautiful Angle has a “strange, contradictory relationship with the city”; even though the posters are posted perhaps illegally, the group has won a Chamber of Commerce award of merit.

Join Lance Kagey in his Tacoma studio to explore the concept of printmaking as liturgical process – shaping both artist and community. Supplies included in ticket price.

Seattle State of the Youth

April 7, 2018

Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture and Quest Church will be hosting our first annual Seattle all-area youth one-day event. This one-day event invites pastors, youth leaders, school teachers, community leaders and culture-makers into a space for conversation and relationship as we explore how to love the youth of the Seattle area well.

This workshop will bring together regionally recognized theologians, community leaders, pastors, and youth psychologists to discuss the compelling and thoughtful work of what it means to care for the youth of Seattle. We will partner together with a community of leaders who believe in the transformative power of investing in a student’s life. It takes a village to raise a child, and we believe that the leaders, mentors, and educators of Seattle have been gifted with the privilege of caring for and raising up the youth in this city.

Some of the questions we plan to address include:

·         What are some of the ways mentorship plays a role in a student’s life?

·         What are some ways we can better care for students in the specific areas of mental health and homelessness?

·         How can organizations partner together to care well for youth in Seattle?

·         What are some current systems that keep students from excelling and how do we partner together to combat these systems?

Growing Home: Seattle Hospitality Culture

April 21, 2017

If you’ve ever turned on the news, read the paper, or have a twitter account, you know that we are experiencing an incredibly polarized cultural moment. We live in a country that is often quick to speak and slow to listen, as is the habit of the human heart. This past year has provided a lens into our habits as a nation, and how they can make or break the change that we so often long for in America.

Here, in the Pacific North West, we tend to face a more nuanced brand of conflict. It shows up in our lack of conversations around issues that affect every corner of our culture, and in our subtle striving to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Our social circles stay comfortable, while the world around us changes and becomes more and more unfamiliar each day. The compassion, potency and ingenuity that we are so well known for is often folded back into our own individual cultures, leaving little or no room for opposing perspective.

How can we break the cycle? What are some things we can do to learn, listen, grow and live along side the opposing view, whatever it may be? This workshop seeks to answer those questions through an exploration of Christian hospitality.

One meal, one conversation at a time, one story shared in one home can change everything.

‘Growing Home’ is a two-part workshop that encourages and educates communities in Seattle to actively engage in building a stronger culture of hospitality in the North West. Hosted in part with Make America Dinner Again (MADA).

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