Spring Workshop Series

Seattle State of the Youth

April 7, 2018

Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture and Quest Church will be hosting our first annual Seattle all-area youth one-day event. This one-day event invites pastors, youth leaders, school teachers, community leaders and culture-makers into a space for conversation and relationship as we explore how to love the youth of the Seattle area well.


Growing Home: Seattle Hospitality Culture

April 21, 2017

If you’ve ever turned on the news, read the paper, or have a twitter account, you know that we are experiencing an incredibly polarized cultural moment. We live in a country that is often quick to speak and slow to listen, as is the habit of the human heart. This past year has provided a lens into our habits as a nation, and how they can make or break the change that we so often long for in America.

‘Growing Home’ is a two-part workshop that encourages and educates communities in Seattle to actively engage in building a stronger culture of hospitality in the North West. Hosted in part with Make America Dinner Again (MADA).

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